IT Help Desk

We adjust our support services to every user category, from novices to experts. We solve minor issues reported by new users and offer training and webinars that help to quickly adopt new software. For experienced users, we provide the investigation and quick resolution of non-trivial issues.

To encourage further self-support, we create a knowledge base with content tailored for every user group: from beginner guides to articles on how to solve complex issues.
To quickly assign a service ticket to a specialist with the right set of expertise, we offer segmenting the support team into different levels according to the complexity of issues they are expected to handle.


Having cooperated with a wide range of customers, we know how to bring value to every business by:

  • Improving solution adoption: your product end-users are provided with prompt and comprehensive answers to their questions on software usage, which helps them to uncover and realize the full potential of the solution.
  • Increasing end-user satisfaction levels: software issues that your clients or employees face are solved as quickly as possible, which makes your clients and employees more loyal to your software products and company.
  • Eliminating staff issues: since you don’t have to hire, onboard, and train help desk specialists in your internal team, you avoid unwanted investments and commitments to save time and money for the more relevant business needs.
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