Design, Visualization and Modeling

Specialists have long used design visualization to create beautiful presentations at the end of the design process. Now architects, designers, and engineers can also use visualization to make informed decisions throughout the building information modeling (BIM) process. Visualization plays a role at every stage of development, from schematics to construction. Autodesk provides state-of-the-art 3D design visualization tools that help you get a deeper understanding of how a project works before it’s built. You can detect certain errors in the beginning stages of the design process — the earlier you find them, the easier they are to fix. Design visualization helps you create better designs while gaining a competitive edge. Merak Technologies offers 3D Architectural rendering, photo-realistic visualization, and 3d architectural modeling services.

3D presentation of architectural ideas in form of 3D Renderings has become an indispensable part of any architectural sales presentation. The benefits are twofold – for the architect to present himself better and for the prospective client to better view his buy. These 3D renderings are amazingly effective in any corporate presentation and help a great deal in communicating the ideas and concepts of architects to their clients. We specialize in translating the freehand sketches and CAD drawings of architects into photorealistic 3D architectural renderings.

Our team of 3D graphic artists use exterior CAD drawings or elevations and scanned material to create virtual wonders in no time. We work in AutoCAD, ADT & ArchiCad to produce the plans and 3D Studio Max is used for the architectural CAD rendering and visualization services.

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